Indiana Wesleyan University offers students the ability to intentionally engage in the intellectual pursuit of knowledge alongside like-minded peers who are diligently seeking to pursue the calling that God has placed on their life. Through a liberal arts education, students are introduced to a vast wealth of knowledge and encouraged to grow, develop, and challenge assumptions, ideas, and perspectives in order to better understand and engage with the global community.

IWU Life

Students who choose to attend IWU will experience a community that will be committed to investing in their academic, spiritual, and social-emotional development. College is a formative season in an individual’s life. If one were to walk the campus of IWU-Marion, one would see students interacting with IWU faculty, staff, and their peers as they connect, engage in academics, and embrace the journey to discerning who they are in Christ.

Through intentional conversation, genuine compassion, and authentic connections, students are encouraged to fully step into life on the campus of IWU – within the classroom and across campus.

Why Choose IWU? 

IWU-Marion is home to over 80+ majors, including the #2 ranked Nursing program in Indiana. Throughout their education, students will engage with professors in the classroom and implement the knowledge learned through practical application in settings across the Midwest.

IWU-Marion offers students a learning environment that boasts a 14:1 student-to-faculty ratio, a myriad of teaching techniques, and classroom designs that allow students to fully engage with their field of study. Students who call IWU-Marion home for their undergraduate career find a rich, family-oriented community that seeks to support and challenge them as they continue to grow into individuals who will impact the world around them during college and after graduation. Worship settings across campus (Chapel, The Well, The Gathering, and more) give spaces for students to grow together in their faith as they continue to learn who they are in Christ, and fully embrace the journey of reaching their full potential and the unique calling that God has placed on their life.


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