A solid biblical education is important to so many homeschoolers. In fact, its importance is emphasized by the high priority homeschool families often place on a Bible-based training curriculum. If that is a priority through the homeschool years, why would parents and students alike not seek it out for college as well?

At Columbia International University, all graduating students receive a double major in Bible and one of a variety of secondary fields. Whether the end goal is ministry, the mission field, a secular professional occupation, or graduate education, CIU reinforces students in their quest to process through life with a solid grounding in Scripture and a biblical worldview that impacts every aspect of life.

With a 16:1 student-faculty ratio and alumni scattered around the world, CIU reinforces the solid community presence students grew to know and love through their homeschool years. These relationships also open doors to internship options, allowing students to obtain practical, real life experience even while pursuing a biblical education.

Homeschool families who make biblical worldview training a foundational component of their educational pursuits want to know that this foundation will be reinforced even after high school graduation. Thanks to CIU’s passion for biblical training, homeschoolers can rest assured that their undergraduate education will only complement the training they received from childhood.


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